Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy Weekend

Wow! We have had quite a weekend. And actually the whole last week was pretty busy. The beginning of the week was spent buying and planning for Ellie's birthday party. We had it a week early because company was a'comin'.
AM helping with the laundry.

Thursday was my very first "Muffins for Moms" and it was so sweet. The kiddos at E's school sang songs and we had muffins and fruit (and chocolate fountains!). Ellie is not very outgoing at these events, but I know she knows all the songs. In the last few months she has gotten really good at remembering lyrics and singing along with songs. Most of the time she does get a few words wrong, but that's what makes it cute. One of the songs they sang on Thursday was one that my great-grandmother used to sing to me. I never knew all the words, and I didn't know that E was learning it, so I almost cried while they were singing. I probably would've broken down if I hadn't been preoccupied with wrestling AM away from the camera strap. Here's the best I could do with squirmy wormy in my lap.....

Then after school, I took E for a much needed haircut and then we went to a pot-luck supper at my friend Amy's house. It was a night time playgroup which Ellie thought was "cuh-razy!".

Friday the girls and I went to the gym, picked up a few last minute things at Winn-Dixie and then went home to finish the cake, clean up some more and NOT take a nap. That afternoon was the rehearsal for her recital and then my mom and granny got here about midnight.

Saturday we were up at out early for her dance recital. It was very cute and she did a great job. I will post video of it soon. We hurried home at intermission to finish up the food and decorating for her party.
At 2, her friends came over and we had a great Tea Party. The girls really seemed to enjoy it. We decorated fancy tea party hats,

played games, and had yummy treats. Everyone was super sweet and Ellie was so pleased with the whole day. Especially because she got to pour everyone's tea.

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

Thanks for the awesome stuff everyone!

This morning she even told me (totally out of the blue) "Mommy, that was the BEST. PARTY. EVER!" I teared up again. What a softie. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention...check out this awesome teapot cake. Who could've made such a masterpiece? Oh yeah, it was me!!!

I really can't believe she is going to be 4 in a week. It makes me sad. Enough of that. Here are some pics of her having more fun with AM this weekend. Thanks GranJan for the awesome dresses.

AM's favorite part of the whole weekend was all the crinkly wrapping

Playing "beauty shop" with Gran Jan

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