Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Part Deux

I have been properly chastised for not having enough pictures of Ann Marie posted. Between that and the new camera, I plan to have a lot more pictures for your viewing pleasure in the near future.

The only thing that will keep me from my new goal is no internet on the mountain. I will take lots of pics, it just may take me a while to get them online. I am leaving Saturday and will be in TN for a few days and then on to SC for a few more. It's my usual route, just with an additional passenger this time. We'll see how it goes. I'll be back sometime before Valentine's Day. Just kidding... I'm kind of playing it by ear for our return date. Sometime the week of the 5th. I don't want E to miss too much school, but I don't want to be traveling all over the south for just a few days of visiting time.

Here are a few pics from our celebrations today. Brandon and I both have some kind of weird stomach thing so the party was pretty quiet. But I do love my new camera and it takes great photos.

Ann Marie in her Christmas pjs

Close up view

Secrets from Big Sister

Playing Cranium HullabalooTrying to hit the ball

So much for keeping her eye on the ball- they are both closed.
Joke of the century- me trying to teach someone how to hold the bat.
Helping little sis with her toys.

Daddy's Girl (#1)

Is she as cute as I think she is?

Merry Christmas!!!

Santa wuz here!

So far we are having a great Christmas. Until tomorrow anyway....

Yesterday E and I sprinkled reindeer food and baked cookies to get ready for the big guy's arrival.

I think she was pleasantly surprised with her Santa gifts. They are all opened and in various stages of play all over the living and dining room. She got an ironing board and iron, PIXOS, Hungry Hippos Game, an Ariel dry erase board, Cranium Hullabaloo, a talking map puzzle, two movies, a Dora bat and ball set and some other little stuff. Right now she is playing with AM's seahorse toy that lights up and makes music. She is holding it and "waltzing" amid the wrapping paper and toys.

I got a new fancy camera which I LOVE. The photos from this morning are taken with it. Hopefully it will inspire me to take lots of pictures again. I've been slacking.

Brandon got a scope, some reloading stuff, flashlights and a new radio for his car. In addition to my awesome camera, I got 2 movies (ANCHORMAN!!! and Dan in Real Life) an extra battery for the camera, and a case for it too. Some of those are my bday presents because B has to leave for an investigation tomorrow. We just found that out yesterday, but I'm not dwelling on it today. I'll write more about that tomorrow after he leaves and we are blue :( And we're hitting the road.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Festivities

We have been pretty busy this week gearing up for Christmas. Wednesday was Ellie's dance class party. We got to watch them dance and then enjoyed the snacks we'd all brought.
Thursday was her school party. Much lemonade and cookies were enjoyed by all. Oh, and cheese trays and chicken fingers.

Today was the Christmas program at school and company from SC and GA came to watch.

They are also here to celebrate Christmas with us since we aren't leaving town. We had a nice lunch today at the Mellow Mushroom and then my brother Davis grilled hamburgers tonight for supper. All yummy! Right now we are all watching WALL-e. Tomorrow is PRESENT TIME!!
And here is a bonus shot of Ann Marie just for you Grandma!

Monday, December 8, 2008

2 Months Old and a Hair Cut

No, I did not have to get Ann Marie's hair cut yet. It looks like she is going to follow in Ellie's (an my) footsteps and not need one until she's at least 2. I got my hair cut today. It had gotten really long and was annoying me because the ends were so split and dry. I was wearing it a pony tail all the time which pretty much defeats the purpose of having long hair. So I got it trimmed today and had a few layers put in with some to frame my face. I didn't even intend to get it cut today. I was walking by the salon and just decided to go in. I told the girl I just needed a quick trim to get rid of the split ends. It turned into a little more than that. I like it. We'll see if Brandon does (or even notices) when he gets home :)

In much bigger news, Ann Marie is 2 months old today!!! She is really growing and has a lot of personality. She smiles a lot and is very pleasant most of the time. But if she is hungry or her diaper is less than completely dry- LOOK OUT. My friend Barbara doesn't believe, me but Kim got to see it first hand on Friday. Most of my family got to witness it over Thanksgiving. Lucky them :) Here are some pics I took last night while she was enjoying the mobile in the big crib and then her 2 month pic in the big red chair.

This one's for my mom- I looked down in the crib and she was hanging on to Raggedy Ann.

2 Months Already!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thankgiving in Review

So, I finally got the jump drive out of the car that had the pics from last week on it (Better late than never. ) We had a great time hanging out with everyone.

Wednesday we got stuff ready for turkey day and Brandon and Ellie went fishing. That night Brandon and I went out (alone! at night! without children!) to hear Ward and Davis play at Art's.

Thursday we had lunch/dinner at my mom's with all of her family that lives in SC. I made a YUMMY squash casserole from the Southern Living website. It was great to have all 5 of us kids in one place. It's rare these days and gets harder every year. So we made sure to capture the event in a family photo. That night Brandon and I went bowling (at night! without children!) with Tyler, Nicole, Ward and Lori. Davis was studying for finals and stuff. What a nerd! (just kidding D!)

Friday B and E went fishing again and AM and I went shopping with Mom and Lori. That night we went to see the Festival of Lights at James Island County Park. We loaded up the Tapio bus with all 4 of us, Mom, Tyler, Nicole, her little sister, Granny, Aunt Rae, Uncle Randy, Becca and Zoe. The lights are awesome and except for AM crying most of the drive there and the crazy traffic, it was fun. There was a carousel, funnel cakes and smores.

Saturday we hung around the house decorating mom's tree and that night we went to an oyster roast at my dad's cousin's house. We got to see some more folks from that side of the family and went back to mom's to decoarate some more. Ellie really enjoyed helping mom and seeing all the ornaments and stuff that I remember from my childhood.

Sunday we made the LONG treck back to AL. It was smoother than the drive there with less crying and stops. Here's some pics from the week.

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Little Late

Happy Thanksgiving a couple of days late. I never post much when we are on the road. And the pics will have to wait until we get back. I hope everyone had a great turkey day yesterday and shopping day today. We ate a lot and hung out with my fam yesterday. Brandon and I even went out sans kiddos 2 nights in a row. Granted, the first night we were yawning like crazy the whole time. My brothers were playing music right down the road from my mom's house. Then last night we went bowling with some of my brothers and cousins. It was really fun. Today I got some really good deals but I still have a good bit of shopping to do. Guess I'll be going to Dothan in the next few weeks. Who's up for a shopping trip?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Yesterday was the Thanksgiving Feast at Ellie's school. It was really nice. The kids in the 2,3, and 4 year-old classes sang some really cute songs and there was a potluck lunch. The school provided turkey, and chicken fingers and each family brought a side, bread, or dessert. There was lots of food everyone (even Ellie) found something to enjoy. Each table was decorated with a pumpkin made to look like a turkey. The kids had all decorated the paper "feathers" that were stuck in the pumpkins. One chair at each table had a sticker on the bottom and whoever was sitting there got to take the pumpkin turkey home. Ellie did a great job singing and her Indian costume was really cute.

All dressed up and ready to go.
She wanted to take a silly picture after I took a bunch of regular ones.

Here she is in costume on the stage.

This is as close up as I can get with my camera. (Hopefully I'll get a new one for Christmas).

I tried to get some cute shots of the girls in their matching dresses. Thanks MeeMaw!!
Ann Marie kept falling over on to Ellie. She said, "It's ok Mommy, she just loves me."

Caught one of her almost smiling. I think this may be my favorite picture of her yet.

Friday, November 21, 2008

2 Cute Girls and a Mystery

Just some random pics I've taken that I thought were worth sharing. More later from the Thanksgiving Feast...
Sweet Baby. This is how she looks after she's been in the car seat for a while. However, when you are putting her in the car seat, she screams. Every. Time. I think it's something about being confined. May have a wild one on my hands.

This is such a classic Ellie face, I had to share it. It is usually accompanied by the phrase, "Mommy, what are you talking about?" or "I have to 'Fink' about it."

Cute smile

When I saw this I thought for a moment that we had a Giant -Napkin Stealing- Rat problem. But then I realized we just have a weirdo 3 year-old who loves chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate chips. And who thought it would be nice (and hygienic) to leave the chips on the (clean) napkins.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He is with us?

Wait til you read this.

On the way to ballet today.....

Ellie: "Mommy, at night, I talk to God in my bed."

Me: "That's great, it's good to say your prayers to God at night." (thinking they've been talking about this at school)

Ellie: "No, silly, at night when I can't sleep or my belly hurts, I talk to God."

Me: "Really, who told you to do that?"

Ellie: "No one, silly, I just thought of it in my heart."

Me: "Um, ok."

Ellie: "Sometimes it's like he's really there and in my room."

Me: "Um, ok."

Later I tried to find out what she talks to Him about, but she wouldn't share with me. Clearly I am not needed much for her spiritual growth. So if anyone has a prayer request, just let me know and I'll forward it to Ellie.

Monday, November 17, 2008

They could be twins

** Warning** Nudie Baby pics follow*****

It's really freaking me out how much Ann Marie looks like Ellie did at close to the same age. She is a little bigger than Ellie was, but the resemblance is scary.

Ann Marie

Ann Marie


And here's a bonus shot from this weekend. Ellie's new favorite hobby-huntin' with Daddy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Peanut Festival

I just realized that I never posted the pics from this year's trip to the National Peanut Festival in Dothan.
Ellie loved it, Brandon and I ate yummy fair food and Ann Marie slept the whole time. It was a good night for all.

The first thing E said was that she did NOT want to ride the Ferris Wheel. It was too big. I didn't think she would like to ride anything, but I was sorely mistaken. Once she realized how much fun the rides were, there was no stopping her. Maybe I will have someone to ride the roller coasters with me in a few years.
As you go in to the grounds, you have to pass the petting zoo and pony rides before you get to any of the fair rides. So of course, E wanted to see the animals and ride a pony. I was on stroller duty so Brandon took her in to both things. She was afraid of some of the bigger animals, but she loved the pony. There was some big hairy buffalo thing in the petting part and I thought E was going to jump back over the fence toward me when she saw it. I laughed and laughed. This pic is her looking at the hairy thing. See how she is all the way on the opposite fence. Hilarious!

Once we finally got to the kids' rides, we rode the flying elephants,
Dizzy Dragons, and the Merry Go Round. All were very fun and surprisingly the carousel was the fastest one. I swear, if I hadn't been on there holding on to Ellie, she would've gone flying off. The camera batteries died before we could get a picture on it though.

One other cool thing we saw was the sea lions. We didn't get to see the show, but we watched them sliding and swimming and eating fish.
Overall it was a fun night. AM didn't wake up until we were on the way back to the car. I had to feed her before we drove all the way home, but the car was much warmer than outside so it was OK.