Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Part Deux

I have been properly chastised for not having enough pictures of Ann Marie posted. Between that and the new camera, I plan to have a lot more pictures for your viewing pleasure in the near future.

The only thing that will keep me from my new goal is no internet on the mountain. I will take lots of pics, it just may take me a while to get them online. I am leaving Saturday and will be in TN for a few days and then on to SC for a few more. It's my usual route, just with an additional passenger this time. We'll see how it goes. I'll be back sometime before Valentine's Day. Just kidding... I'm kind of playing it by ear for our return date. Sometime the week of the 5th. I don't want E to miss too much school, but I don't want to be traveling all over the south for just a few days of visiting time.

Here are a few pics from our celebrations today. Brandon and I both have some kind of weird stomach thing so the party was pretty quiet. But I do love my new camera and it takes great photos.

Ann Marie in her Christmas pjs

Close up view

Secrets from Big Sister

Playing Cranium HullabalooTrying to hit the ball

So much for keeping her eye on the ball- they are both closed.
Joke of the century- me trying to teach someone how to hold the bat.
Helping little sis with her toys.

Daddy's Girl (#1)

Is she as cute as I think she is?

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The Smith Boys said...

Yes! She is as cute as you think she is. Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas!

I have also taught my kids how to hold a bat, and it was also a joke! hehe