Monday, December 8, 2008

2 Months Old and a Hair Cut

No, I did not have to get Ann Marie's hair cut yet. It looks like she is going to follow in Ellie's (an my) footsteps and not need one until she's at least 2. I got my hair cut today. It had gotten really long and was annoying me because the ends were so split and dry. I was wearing it a pony tail all the time which pretty much defeats the purpose of having long hair. So I got it trimmed today and had a few layers put in with some to frame my face. I didn't even intend to get it cut today. I was walking by the salon and just decided to go in. I told the girl I just needed a quick trim to get rid of the split ends. It turned into a little more than that. I like it. We'll see if Brandon does (or even notices) when he gets home :)

In much bigger news, Ann Marie is 2 months old today!!! She is really growing and has a lot of personality. She smiles a lot and is very pleasant most of the time. But if she is hungry or her diaper is less than completely dry- LOOK OUT. My friend Barbara doesn't believe, me but Kim got to see it first hand on Friday. Most of my family got to witness it over Thanksgiving. Lucky them :) Here are some pics I took last night while she was enjoying the mobile in the big crib and then her 2 month pic in the big red chair.

This one's for my mom- I looked down in the crib and she was hanging on to Raggedy Ann.

2 Months Already!


House of Holt said...

Aww! AM is too cute. And you look fabulous! Check out my blog...I tagged you :)

The Smith Boys said...

You and AM look great! She is beautiful! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Where the heck did the time go???? I cannot believe it has been two months since she came. We enjoyed our time Friday and cannot wait to do it again.

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

I love your hair and Ann Marie is getting so big and is sooo pretty!


Seriously, if you're trying to make me change my mind about her personality, pictures of her smiling, cooing and being absolutely adorable looking isn't helping!!! ;-)


PS - I do like the hair...who did it? I think I am in need of some hair TLC.