Friday, August 29, 2008

Peanut Update

We had another ultrasound today to check the baby's size/growth. Supposedly she weighs about 5lbs 4 oz now and is measuring at about 35 weeks. I'm only at 33 weeks so she's a little big. She is pretty smushed in there already so we weren't able to get a good picture. We saw the top of her head, belly and thigh bone because those are the parts they use to measure and compare growth. None of those are super exciting though. We didn't even get to see her face because she was turned around. We did get to see and hear her heartbeat and that's always fun.
She seems to be a really strong little thing. It literally hurts when she is rolling and flipping in there. My whole belly moves and does the wave. And she is rarely still. If I am moving around, I don't feel her, but as soon as I sit still, she starts hopping. I don't remember Ellie being that active, but I also didn't remember how small newborn diapers are until I opened the pack we got at the shower. Seriously, I really can't remember E being that small. She's such a big girl now. *sniff*
And still no definite name decision. Still mulling it over.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The rain, she finally went away

Hopefully for a little while anyway. The forecast shows rain every day this week and weekend except Friday which is only partly cloudy. I was only annoyed with the weather until last night when we had 2 Tornado Warnings- as in one has been spotted.... We didn't even live here yet when the big one hit last year and I was spooked. The one at 8:00 wasn't so bad because we were still up, but the one at 1:30 scared me because you could hear the siren so well and E was all the way across the house in her room. I wussed out and brought her to our room just in case we had to make a run for the closet. Of course every noise I heard for 2 hours sounded like a tornado to me and I only had a third of the bed so it was a long night. But we made it.

Saturday we were inside all day except for a brief trip to pick Brandon up. Sunday we were inside all day in the rain with no break. Monday E's school was canceled and we were inside all day except for a very necessary lunchtime trip for Mexican food and a stop at Wal-Mart. So today we were ready for normal. E went to school and I went to the dr for baby stuff. That's pretty much the new normal around here. I have to go once a week for appts and once a week for a Non-Stress Test where they make sure the Peanut is moving a grooving like she should be. This week I also have an ultrasound so 3 out of 5 days I'll be at the Medical Center. Big Time Fun.

We did have some fun on Monday. Abby came over while Barbara had to work. Ellie follows her around making sure she doesn't find anything to put in her mouth, etc... And she has to be the one to get the diaper bag for me if Abby needs a change. She told be "Don't worry, Mommy, I am the big sister helper." Hopefully she'll be as excited to help when the baby is here all the time. Somehow I doubt it. They had a great time reading books together in the big chair.

And here's what happens when you are stuck inside for so many days in a row- your child starts making up fake weather. Apparently it was snowing in EllieLand on Sunday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fay, Schmay

Well, we survived the tropical storm. Really it was just a little windier and rainier that usual around here. And Brandon's flight from ATL to Dothan was canceled. But they got a rental and made it here only a few hours later than expected. All in all it wasn't a bad weekend.

Friday was the big welcome picnic for E's school. We decided to forgo the picnic part and just play at the park with all the kids (and then we went to the Mellow Mushroom with our friends). The weather was nice- cooler than normal and windy thanks to Fay. It started to rain Fri night, but nothing major.

Yesterday we were all ready to go to the airport and I checked the Delta website one more time and sure enough, the flight was canceled. I was surprised it took them that long to decide. So we waited a while longer and picked B up from work instead. We are just glad to have him home-however he had to travel to get here. Once we got home we had a belated birthday dinner and celebration for him since he was in the desert on the big day. By the way- if you have something that you don't want anyone to know, don't tell Ellie. She is the worst secret keeper ever!

Today has been lazy so far. We got up kind of early and had breakfast, and it started to rain again. I thought we'd be trapped inside all day again, but it looks like maybe the sun is coming out. Could be a false alarm though. There might be another rain band coming. Just have to wait and see. Here is Ellie making sure Brandon didn't bring any weird desert diseases home......she's a nut.

Off to be lazy some more.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shower Time

I have great friends.

On Monday, my local friends showered us with gifts and well wishes for the Peanut. I am embarrassed that it's taken me this long to write about it. Except everything seems to take a little longer these days. Part of the deal I guess. Barbara hosted the shower at her house WAY out in the country :) and it was really fun.

We played games.... one where you had to sniff the contents of diapers and guess what kind of candy bar it was.....some people couldn't get past the appearance.

And another one where you had to guess what flavor baby food was in jars just from looking at the outside with no label.

We had tasty snacks. Notice the ladybug cupcakes. The whole party had a ladybug theme.

And everyone was more than generous to us and the Peanut.

Matching dresses for Ellie and the Peanut from GranJan.

We even got to enjoy out of town company for the shower. My mom and both of my grandmothers were able to come for the weekend.

They were glad to meet everyone and see that I really do have people that will hang out with me.

And they got to spend time with Ellie (which of course is why they really came) and helped me get some things organized around the house to get ready for October. There is still plenty to do so if anyone out there is really bored and wants to sort onesies and tiny socks, just let me know. First you'll have to get them out of the attic for me. I don't think I can even fit through the door. heehee not really. But, seriously, look at this thing!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hola mis amigos!

Day 3 was also a success. No crying and only one feeble "Um, maybe I don't want to go to school today." when we were already in the building. And the whole way from the car to that point she was running ahead of me and even told me I had to try and keep up. I am a slow moving creature these days.

After school we went to the weekly doctor's appt and waited an annoyingly long time. The waiting room is huge and there was hardly an empty seat when we got there. Finally at 4:45 we left and picked up dinner on the way home.

Even after the busy day she had, E still had time to ride off into the Mexican sunset saving our house from the bad guys. Don't worry, they are all safely locked up in the "bad people place".

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 2

It was a success. E was running ahead of me on the sidewalk on the way in saying "Hurry, Mom!" and she walked into the classroom all by herself.

When I picked her up she said she had a great day and is excited to go back on Thursday. I am excited to sleep a little later tomorrow :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

We survived!

Both Ellie and I made it through her first day of pre-school unharmed. She cried a little when I dropped her off this morning, but she must have enjoyed the day because she already agreed to go back tomorrow. (Not that she has a choice, but she didn't pitch a fit when we talked about it)

Last night she was very excited and said she couldn't wait to go. We talked about all the fun stuff she was going to do and picked out her outfit (Thanks Sharon!) and made her lunch. But this morning when I woke her up and told her it was School Day, she said she didn't want to go. And she repeated her mantra "I don't want to go to school" about 150 times in the 7 minutes it takes us to drive there. She got out of the car just fine and carried her bag inside, but then she hesitated outside of the classroom. Reality had set in! We went in and deposited all her stuff and I tried to distract her with the toys, but she was not falling for it. Luckily, Ms. Kam swooped in and picked her up. E wrapped her in a bear hug and I ran out. (Well, I waddled out.)

I went over to the gym part of the church building and did jazzercise and I wanted to go peek afterwards, but I didn't. I was strong. I knew if she happened to see me, it would be over for Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Kam. I managed to fill my day with getting a pedicure, cleaning out the toy closet and a little shopping (not much, mostly I just looked :)
Since we got home, here's what she's been doing. She probably has TV withdrawal. It's bad.

Tomorrow, I have to come straight home after working out and get more done around here. I have a lot to clean out of the 3rd bedroom before we can get it ready for the Peanut. And we have many grandmothers coming this weekend so I have to do real cleaning.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Keeping Track

Olympic Medal winners at NBC!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

She really is ready...

...for Pre-school.

Look at the artistic ability that just started today. All of a sudden her drawings are no longer floating heads. I typed the captions directly on the pics so they are kind of small.
Be sure to pay attention to the family portrait one. I am a giant.
And she'd never really attempted an animal before. I was impressed.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This week so far in pictures

We've been trying hard to keep busy and do something each day to make the time go by faster. Here's what we've done so far.

Doctored/Tortured Lucy
She's a decent patient. Take a look at the "band-aid" on her leg. She actually sat pretty still while E took care of her. Why she's a naked doctor, I don't know.

Swam with Abby and Miss Barbara. Thanks again guys!

Pretended to be the Naked Chef. We made muffins.

First ballet class here. She's been to lots in SC. She seemed to really enjoy it.

Other than these things we've also been to aerobics class on Monday and Tuesday and tonight was the Open House at Mom's Day Out. We met E's teachers and saw the classroom. Both ladies and all the kids seem really nice. I think she is going to have a great time there. Tomorrow I head to the doctor again and E will play with Max and Nolen. After that we are off to our weekly commissary trip to get regular groceries and special snacks because we are hosting playgroup here on Friday. I guess I should go get some cleaning done while she's asleep.....or maybe I'll go watch "So You Think You Can Dance". It's the finale.... Definitely more important than cleaning.

Multiple Personalities

Here is Ellie in various stages of her summer wardrobe. And a bonus blast from the past.

Silly smile in big black hat. This hat was my Granny's and I used to wear it to dress up. See below...I'm the one in the middle.


Super Ellie to the rescue! (with mysterious drugged out look)

Fancy lady- complete with plastic heels and almost as large plastic earrings.

Very tired girl in sleep shirt from Lori!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am so proud....

...of myself.

For weeks I have been planning to make a cover for a nap mat for Ellie. It is the only thing that has gotten her excited about starting pre-school. I tried telling her all the fun things she's going to do, but she was having none of it. We finally bought the little $7 KinderMat at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and it's been everything from a bridge to a surfboard around the house. I finally buckled down and made the cover.

I had 2 coordinating pieces of princess fabric and neither one was quite big enough so I used both of them to make the base of the cover.

It covers the part that she will lay on and then goes over the edge on each end. Next time I will buy enough to make it more like a giant pillow case. I think that will save me some time.

Then I used fleece for the blanket and attached it along one side. I made the other sides like fringe to cover my uneven cutting. Ideally I would get the blanket monogrammed, but I want to make sure this one holds up before I invest any money in it.

The pillowcase is also attached at the top, but the pillow can come out to be used in another cover (if I ever get around to making another one).

I also attached a ribbon for tying the whole thing up in a nice neat little package.

I hope to make her a couple more as the year goes along. Maybe even in seasonal fabrics. I should probably just make a bunch now because after the baby comes, I'm sure I won't have time and I know I will have less space for my craftiness.

Monday, August 4, 2008


5 Minutes For Mom is having another great giveaway week. There's a different giveaway each day in honor of everyone getting ready to go back to school. Even though I am not, I can still feel it in the air. In fact, I even bought some crayons, glue and notebooks at WalMart because they were just SO CHEAP. 22 cents for crayons or glue and 5 cents for a notebook! I couldn't say no. And Ellie is starting school so I at least got to pick out a 1st day back outfit. I know, I am such a nerd.

Anyway, I am entering today's giveaway for sure and maybe even another one during the week. I have always wanted a label maker, but never felt like I could justify buying one. Winning a super cool DYMO one would solve that little problem.

Click on the button at the top to see the daily giveaways. Good luck!

Card Reader!!!!

I'm back. I finally got my lazy self to Wally World and found a card reader. Who knew the quick fix was there all along for only $8.88? Now I can upload my pictures again and share them with all the world. Well, at least with the 6-8 people who actually read this. I will be adding some posts soon with many crafty things I have made and many silly outfits Ellie has come up with since last week. Check back soon.
PS. She starts PreSchool next week and I am a nervous wreck.