Monday, August 4, 2008


5 Minutes For Mom is having another great giveaway week. There's a different giveaway each day in honor of everyone getting ready to go back to school. Even though I am not, I can still feel it in the air. In fact, I even bought some crayons, glue and notebooks at WalMart because they were just SO CHEAP. 22 cents for crayons or glue and 5 cents for a notebook! I couldn't say no. And Ellie is starting school so I at least got to pick out a 1st day back outfit. I know, I am such a nerd.

Anyway, I am entering today's giveaway for sure and maybe even another one during the week. I have always wanted a label maker, but never felt like I could justify buying one. Winning a super cool DYMO one would solve that little problem.

Click on the button at the top to see the daily giveaways. Good luck!



OMG - a back to school outfit!!!!! It didn't even cross my mind! So now I'm on a mission...I'm sure Eric thanks you! ;-)

See you in a few hours...B

The Smith Boys said...

If you're a nerd then I am too! I LOVE back to school sales but I'm trying hard to control myself. I want to buy Nolen a new backpack and new clothes but I know he doesn't need them. Maybe ONE special new outfit would be ok, right? Oooo, maybe now I finally have a good reason to go shopping in Dothan! I've been very good and I haven't gone yet. Maybe today is the day!