Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The rain, she finally went away

Hopefully for a little while anyway. The forecast shows rain every day this week and weekend except Friday which is only partly cloudy. I was only annoyed with the weather until last night when we had 2 Tornado Warnings- as in one has been spotted.... We didn't even live here yet when the big one hit last year and I was spooked. The one at 8:00 wasn't so bad because we were still up, but the one at 1:30 scared me because you could hear the siren so well and E was all the way across the house in her room. I wussed out and brought her to our room just in case we had to make a run for the closet. Of course every noise I heard for 2 hours sounded like a tornado to me and I only had a third of the bed so it was a long night. But we made it.

Saturday we were inside all day except for a brief trip to pick Brandon up. Sunday we were inside all day in the rain with no break. Monday E's school was canceled and we were inside all day except for a very necessary lunchtime trip for Mexican food and a stop at Wal-Mart. So today we were ready for normal. E went to school and I went to the dr for baby stuff. That's pretty much the new normal around here. I have to go once a week for appts and once a week for a Non-Stress Test where they make sure the Peanut is moving a grooving like she should be. This week I also have an ultrasound so 3 out of 5 days I'll be at the Medical Center. Big Time Fun.

We did have some fun on Monday. Abby came over while Barbara had to work. Ellie follows her around making sure she doesn't find anything to put in her mouth, etc... And she has to be the one to get the diaper bag for me if Abby needs a change. She told be "Don't worry, Mommy, I am the big sister helper." Hopefully she'll be as excited to help when the baby is here all the time. Somehow I doubt it. They had a great time reading books together in the big chair.

And here's what happens when you are stuck inside for so many days in a row- your child starts making up fake weather. Apparently it was snowing in EllieLand on Sunday.



Ellie really is going to be a great big sister...and long has her lil sis doesn't want to sleep in the crib when Ellie wants to, plays with Ellie's toys or tries to eat her snacks....HA HA - just kidding! Ellie will be soooo loved as a big sis! And imagine how bad her lil sis' EADD will be! ;-)

The Smith Boys said...

Ellie and Abby are so cute! They look like best friends!! I bet Ellie will do great with the baby. She is a pretty chill kid - especially because you are so good at laying down the law for her...and just think, this time next year, she'll have her very own, real life doll!!!