Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am so proud....

...of myself.

For weeks I have been planning to make a cover for a nap mat for Ellie. It is the only thing that has gotten her excited about starting pre-school. I tried telling her all the fun things she's going to do, but she was having none of it. We finally bought the little $7 KinderMat at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and it's been everything from a bridge to a surfboard around the house. I finally buckled down and made the cover.

I had 2 coordinating pieces of princess fabric and neither one was quite big enough so I used both of them to make the base of the cover.

It covers the part that she will lay on and then goes over the edge on each end. Next time I will buy enough to make it more like a giant pillow case. I think that will save me some time.

Then I used fleece for the blanket and attached it along one side. I made the other sides like fringe to cover my uneven cutting. Ideally I would get the blanket monogrammed, but I want to make sure this one holds up before I invest any money in it.

The pillowcase is also attached at the top, but the pillow can come out to be used in another cover (if I ever get around to making another one).

I also attached a ribbon for tying the whole thing up in a nice neat little package.

I hope to make her a couple more as the year goes along. Maybe even in seasonal fabrics. I should probably just make a bunch now because after the baby comes, I'm sure I won't have time and I know I will have less space for my craftiness.

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