Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Sew Time!!

Yay! I finally got my sewing machine out of the box. I practiced on some old fabric that I had from LA and then while she was napping, I made Ellie a little purse with some leftover fabric from my mom and cute heart ribbon. I think it is very cute. Tomorrow I am off to Wally World to find some more fabric and empty bobbins. (Listen to me talking all sewy-like) and some spools of thread too. Maybe even some more cute ribbon to embellish. Thanks to Melissa for helping me get set up. That would've taken me forever if I'd been using the manual. Here's some pics of my handiwork. I think Ellie likes it.

P.S. Everyone be prepared for slightly imperfect hand-made gifts for Christmas. I will be sewing like crazy- at least until the baby gets here and I lose my sewing room.

Friday, February 22, 2008

There's Something about Ellie

I couldn't resist..... Ellie has had a snot-caused hairdo a la "There's Something About Mary" all day and it's so funny I can't bring myself to fix it. Not quite as gross as in the movie, but almost.
Bad parenting, or good humor?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snakes, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Ok, there's no snails involved in this story, but it just seemed like an appropriate title.

Today on the way to gymnastics Ellie and I had the following conversation....

Ellie: Ariel has feet and legs.

Me: Yes, I know. But at the beginning of the movie, she has a tail.

Ellie: Right. And dogs have tails.

Me: Yes. What else has a tail?

Ellie: Monkeys.

Me: Yep, how about birds.

Ellie: No, that's crazy.

Me: What do birds have on their bodies?

Ellie: Wings!

Me: But what is all over them to keep them warm?

Ellie: .....(a few seconds delay).....Fedhers!!!!

Me: What do snakes and lizards have?

Ellie: I don't know.

Me: They have scales.

Ellie: Oh, scales, right.

Me: That's right. What to dogs have to keep them warm?

Ellie: ....(small delay)....Fur!

Me: (impressed- I figured she'd say hair) That's good. What do we have to keep us warm?

Ellie: Jackets!!!!

Words of wisdom from the carseat to you.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Camoflauge and Hydrangeas

Here are some pics from our trip. In case you don't know, Ellie and I joined my extended family and some friends to spread my dad's ashes on a stretch of road that he spent lots of time hunting on. We planted a hydrangea on the side of the road as a memorial. (There are hydrangeas growing on the side of the house where I grew up and they remind us of Dad. )We also used it as an excuse to stuff ourselves with fried chicken (also one of Dad's faves) (he always called it dead bird) and all the yummy fixins. There were more than 50 people there- all who loved my dad and had fond memories of him. In true Buckheister fashion, me, Ellie and Tyler sported some camo. Davis wore a mailman shirt and Ward had on camo AND a mailman jacket. We were quite a site!

Ellie and I all decked out in camo.

Ward and Davis on the front row. Mom, me, Tyler and Brian on the back row

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ain't Misbehavin'

Ellie is slightly confused. She thinks that when you say "Are you going to behave?", that you are actually saying "Are you going to be have?" She asks me every time, "What means have?" And I tell her it means that you are going to be good. So then she wants to know how you say it if you are being bad and I tell her that you say "misbehave". The poor girl said today, "Mommy, I am not going to be mishavin. I am going to be haved!"

I'm so proud.

And she did be haved for 2 hours while we got our taxes done, then at the library, park, and lunch. It was a Ft. Rucker miracle.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day

Well, I've waited so long to post this, most of you will be done with Valentine's Day when you read it. Oh well. I've been under the weather for most of the day. Ellie gave me her weird stomach affliction as a lovely V-Day surprise. It's been great. But I did get a beautiful bouquet of pink carnations. (If you read the last post you will know those are my fave) And a cute card. Poor Brandon- all he got was fried chicken and a card. I think that is a good male equivalent for flowers, though. He's lucky I was able to cook it at all. When I went o the store to buy the stuff, I couldn't even stand the smell of doughnuts- now that's sick. The Valentine Fairy brought Ellie a gift that Santa decided not to leave since she had so many things at Christmas and the Gran(Jan) Valentine Fairy sent her a cute ladybug plate, bowl and cup set. And of course she was stylin' in her Snoopy Valentine dress all day. Everyone loved it (Thanks Mom!) And I'm feeling better now. The chicken and taters seem to be sticking around so hopefully I'm on the mend. Brandon is off tomorrow so we will be spending some family time together. I'll post some pics from our trip sometime tomorrow.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

100 Things About Me

Yay! This is my 100th post. I haven't been doing this very long, so that must mean I spend too much time here. Oh well. Hope you enjoy it and it's not too torturous. Be sure to read the whole thing!
1. I am the oldest child in my immediate family and of my generation in my extended family.
2. Sometimes the position of eldest stresses me out.
3. I am usually the youngest of my friends at any given time.
4. This also stresses me out on occasion.
5. I hope my children will be smarter than I am.
6. I hope it doesn't happen too soon.
7. I started this list when I only had 80 posts because I was afraid it would take me forever to think of 100 things.
8. I am now afraid that no matter how much time I have, I still won't be able to think of 100 things.
9. And if I do, that no one will read past 20 or so.
10. I HATE putting away laundry- it's my least favorite chore.
11. I like vaccuuming once everything is out of the way.
12. Christmas lights are like uppers for me.
13. I hate taking down the Christmas tree.
14. Catalogs give me great joy.
15. I can not do a Moderate level Sudoku puzzle without cheating.
16. All the easy ones in my book are done.
17. I read incredibly fast- when it's a good story.
18. I can't get anything else done when I have a book to read.
19. I love buying purses and shoes because they always fit.
20. I never throw a purse away.
21. I love collecting seashells.
22. My car is always dirty- inside and out.
23. I have an addiction to crafting supplies.
24. I make a list of things to do almost every day.
25. Most of the things on the previous day's list roll over to the next one.
26. I LOVE marking things out on my lists with a dark black line.
27. I always thought I wanted a sister, but now realize brothers were (and are) better for me. 28. I do love my 2 (fairly) new sisters-in-law though :)
29. I blame Project Runway for my new obsession with learning how to sew.
30. I still have not chosen a machine....I want to get the perfect one.
31. I am afraid that I will be terrible at it.
32. I will make Ellie wear what I make- no matter how uneven the sleeves are.
33. I take much more time in choosing her outfits than mine.
34. I only played organized sports for one season as a child.
35. It was t-ball and I obviously wasn't any good.
36. I did play Powder Puff football 2 times in high school.
37. I never had a clue what was going on in the game.
38. I just had to block the other team.
39. I love sticky notes.
40. I still have some that I have been hoarding since I was teaching.
41. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are my favorite.
42. I don't follow any sports.
43. I will decorate for any holiday.
44. I enjoy almost any kind of sale or coupon.
45. I believe that is an inherited trait.
46. As is #43.
47. And it doesn't get any better than buying holiday decorations on sale.
48. I would love to have lots (4) children, but I doubt that will happen.
49. I have toys, books and clothes from when I was little that Ellie plays with and wears- Thanks Mom.
50. I don't like to be in charge of anything.
51. Confrontation of any kind stresses me out- even on TV. I have to change the channel.
52. When I think someone is upset with me, I am physically ill.
53. I never raise my voice- at adults.
54. I lost my wedding ring in my car last week and I still haven't found it.
55. I don't eat many cooked vegetables.
56. I used to have all my credit card information memorized.
57. Then I quit working and couldn't use them to buy stuff online as much.
58. Now I keep the info on post-its near the computer so I don't have to get my wallet.
59. That is just one of my time-saving (laziness) tricks. 6
0. If I was really into saving time, I wouldn't be writing this insane post.
61. I can't believe I have actually gotten this far.
62. I love getting emails and especially regular mail.
63. Pink carnations are my favorite flower.
64. However, any flowers that I didn't buy for myself are great.
65. I love good surprises and would rather not know what presents I am getting.
66. As a result, I NEVER snoop at Christmas.
67. I get mad when I accidently find out about something I am getting.
68. I have a hard time keeping presents a surprise from other people though because I want to give it to them as soon as I buy it.
69. I also enjoy wrapping presents. I want to be a gift wrapper at the mall when I grow up.
70. I do not enjoy unpleasant surprises.
71. I hate to be late.
72. Since I became a mom, it happens way more than I'd like.
73. If I could go to school for free and have free childcare, I'd go back- because I'm just that nerdy.
74. I'm not sure if I ever want to go back to teaching full time.
75. I wish there was more part time work for teachers.
76. We have 15 people coming over later and I have no business sitting here on the computer. 77. I am mostly ready now, but as usual I need more of something from the store so I am waiting on Brandon to get back.
78. I really love Christmas- not just the presents.
79. I also enjoy Halloween almost as much- not just the candy.
80. My youngest brother and I have the same birthday.
81. We are 11 years apart so I was never jealous.
82. I HATE marschino cherries.
83. Real ones are ok, but the pits are, well, the pits.
84. I drove 9 hours today and I am very tired.
85. I love singing along with the radio.
86. No one else enjoys my singing. Well maybe Ellie.
87. One time, I accidentally called my mom from my cell phone while I was rockin out in the car and even she doesn't like it.
88. I hate to be hot when I sleep. I keep the A/C on almost all year.
89. I can't drink regular cokes any more. Too many years of diet.
90. I still collect dolls. Call me Super Nerd if you want.
91. My name is not really Katie.
92. I don't really like yogurt. (I'm running out of things to say and really just want to get to 100) 93. My first car was older than me. 1976 Ford Granada. We called it the Grenade.
94. I had a pickup truck once and as a true redneck girl I really liked it.
95. I love to Jazzercise and practice the moves at home by myself with my I-Pod on.
96. I danced for most of my life- from 2 until I was in college. And also some as an adult. Tap is my favorite.
97. I want to be on the Rachel Ray show. Just to get the snack of the day.
98. I may have repeated myself on a few of these because I didn't write them all in one sitting. 99. I am not sorry that this is almost over- I am sorry for making you read it.
100. I will be adding a new tiny member to playgroup, Jazzercise and our family sometime in October. SURPRISE!!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fun in February

Just wanted to let everyone know what we've been up to. So far February has been BUSY!

Friday we went to Storytime at the library and Ellie made a cute Valentine craft.

Saturday was "Baby" Abby's birthday party. I guess since she's one now, we can't really call her that any more. Here are some pics of us enjoying the party.

Sunday we had a Super Bowl Party at our house. It was really fun. Lots of friends came and we had yummy food. I don't have any pics because I was too busy getting the food ready and then enjoying it....I am supposed to get some that a friend (that's you Barbara) took and I'll post them when I do.

Monday we went to Jazzercise and then ran some errands. And then spent some time outside enjoying the balmy weather. And Ellie learned how to use the mouse on the computer. She can actually make it do what she wants. Look out! That's where her favorite games are.

Tuesday we had playgroup at our house since I had so much food left over from Sunday night. It was really fun too. The kiddos are really comfortable with each other and play very well together.

Today was a very rainy morning, but no tornado activity. We had to run to Ft Rucker early this morning and then went to gymnastics and Wal-Mart. Ellie is finally taking a nap. I think it's been 3 or 4 days since she's had one. I want to take one too, but I need to pack our suitcases because..
Tomorrow Ellie and I are headed back to SC for almost a week. On Saturday we are spreading my dad's ashes at his favorite hunting spot and having a picnic in the woods in his honor. We are all supposed to wear camo clothing. It will be good to see everyone again even if the occasion is kind of sad. It can't be as bad as the last trip.
Stay tuned for the next post. It's a big one.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Study of Princesses

My thoughts and ideas on the types and behaviors of the modern day princess.

Classic princess attire (the tiara is missing, but if you look closely, you can see the non-matching red tights and pink, faded jelly shoes- classy!)

White Trash Princess (note the sexy socks and high heels) and she has the baby out and about WAY too late at night

Fairy/ Ballerina Princess (with a little white trash socks and heels thrown in)

Princess trying to blend in and be a "regular gal" by wearing just a tiara and pushing the baby stroller herself

Nerdy plaid, visor-wearing princess

A princess enjoys spending time with her loyal subjects/ forcing them to watch what she wants to on TV

A princess knows how to accessorize any outfit

A princess is very cultured and interested in the arts.

A princess uses her art to make a political statement/ as a replacement for lipstick.

A princess knows how to request/demand/screech that things be done as she likes and when she likes.

A princess only knows how to make a mess in her turret room, of course there are servants to clean it all up (repeatedly).