Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fun in February

Just wanted to let everyone know what we've been up to. So far February has been BUSY!

Friday we went to Storytime at the library and Ellie made a cute Valentine craft.

Saturday was "Baby" Abby's birthday party. I guess since she's one now, we can't really call her that any more. Here are some pics of us enjoying the party.

Sunday we had a Super Bowl Party at our house. It was really fun. Lots of friends came and we had yummy food. I don't have any pics because I was too busy getting the food ready and then enjoying it....I am supposed to get some that a friend (that's you Barbara) took and I'll post them when I do.

Monday we went to Jazzercise and then ran some errands. And then spent some time outside enjoying the balmy weather. And Ellie learned how to use the mouse on the computer. She can actually make it do what she wants. Look out! That's where her favorite games are.

Tuesday we had playgroup at our house since I had so much food left over from Sunday night. It was really fun too. The kiddos are really comfortable with each other and play very well together.

Today was a very rainy morning, but no tornado activity. We had to run to Ft Rucker early this morning and then went to gymnastics and Wal-Mart. Ellie is finally taking a nap. I think it's been 3 or 4 days since she's had one. I want to take one too, but I need to pack our suitcases because..
Tomorrow Ellie and I are headed back to SC for almost a week. On Saturday we are spreading my dad's ashes at his favorite hunting spot and having a picnic in the woods in his honor. We are all supposed to wear camo clothing. It will be good to see everyone again even if the occasion is kind of sad. It can't be as bad as the last trip.
Stay tuned for the next post. It's a big one.

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