Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day

Well, I've waited so long to post this, most of you will be done with Valentine's Day when you read it. Oh well. I've been under the weather for most of the day. Ellie gave me her weird stomach affliction as a lovely V-Day surprise. It's been great. But I did get a beautiful bouquet of pink carnations. (If you read the last post you will know those are my fave) And a cute card. Poor Brandon- all he got was fried chicken and a card. I think that is a good male equivalent for flowers, though. He's lucky I was able to cook it at all. When I went o the store to buy the stuff, I couldn't even stand the smell of doughnuts- now that's sick. The Valentine Fairy brought Ellie a gift that Santa decided not to leave since she had so many things at Christmas and the Gran(Jan) Valentine Fairy sent her a cute ladybug plate, bowl and cup set. And of course she was stylin' in her Snoopy Valentine dress all day. Everyone loved it (Thanks Mom!) And I'm feeling better now. The chicken and taters seem to be sticking around so hopefully I'm on the mend. Brandon is off tomorrow so we will be spending some family time together. I'll post some pics from our trip sometime tomorrow.

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MORNING SICKNESS ALREADY?!?!?!?!!? Oh no! At least being sick this time is for an awesome reason! Unless of course, it's some random stomach flu. Then it just sucks. ;-) Hope you have a nice hearts day regardless. I was in court and appointments until about 1:30. Then with Abby the rest of the afternoon until this evening...we're late in posting the blog too. Oh well. I figure atleast we're posting - ha! See you....B