Friday, August 29, 2008

Peanut Update

We had another ultrasound today to check the baby's size/growth. Supposedly she weighs about 5lbs 4 oz now and is measuring at about 35 weeks. I'm only at 33 weeks so she's a little big. She is pretty smushed in there already so we weren't able to get a good picture. We saw the top of her head, belly and thigh bone because those are the parts they use to measure and compare growth. None of those are super exciting though. We didn't even get to see her face because she was turned around. We did get to see and hear her heartbeat and that's always fun.
She seems to be a really strong little thing. It literally hurts when she is rolling and flipping in there. My whole belly moves and does the wave. And she is rarely still. If I am moving around, I don't feel her, but as soon as I sit still, she starts hopping. I don't remember Ellie being that active, but I also didn't remember how small newborn diapers are until I opened the pack we got at the shower. Seriously, I really can't remember E being that small. She's such a big girl now. *sniff*
And still no definite name decision. Still mulling it over.

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Awwww....Ellie is such a big girl now but she's a GREAT big girl! And that's such an awesome tribute to you as a mother b/c you've taught her so well! Your little kicker will have the best BIG sister ever! And I can't believe you're almost three weeks early - we've GOT to get you that chair! Maybe next week...or next Sunday afternoon/evening?