Sunday, September 7, 2008

September So Far

I'd like to say that we've been so busy I haven't had time to post anything. Unfortunately, I've just been too lazy to really DO anything worth posting. The normal routine has been followed and all children/husbands/dogs have been fed and taken care of, but other that that, this has been a no frills house lately. I have read a lot of books and I did clean the house on Tuesday- even the tub. That is not easy when you have a basketball attached to the front of your body. In fact, Ilene called while I was in the middle of it and asked why I was so out of breath. Very sad. Lucky for me, Ellie is in school for 3 days each week and when she's home she likes nothing better than the TV. We do turn it off and actually interact on occasion too. Here are some very random pictures of what we've been up to this month. Oh and I heard that the hottest temp ever recorded in AL was in September so these last 5 weeks of basketball belly ought to be FUN!

Another day at ballet. I just thought she looked so cute in her tutu.

We've been experimenting with new makeup looks. I call this one Pink Blush Everywhere.
I can't even come up with anything for this outfit. The best part was that she wore it to help Brandon out in the garage. Crack up!

Carys's (a playgroup friend) birthday party was a Messy Art Party. The kids got to paint and use all kinds of cool materials and then we all got in the pool to wash off. It was really fun. Alex even made each of the kids a t-shirt to cover their clothes that said "Carys's Messy Art Party".

E was very serious about the painting. She really concentrated and only used 1 color. But the end result is pretty cool.

Here we are in the pool. I was like the Pied Piper for all the kids there for a while.
On Thursday we celebrated our NINTH anniversary. We are old. The scarier part is, we've known each other for 14 years now. Soon I will have been with Brandon longer than I wasn't.
These are "our" anniversary flowers. Ellie thinks it was her anniversary too. The carnations are mine and the rose is for Ellie. She has decided and will inform anyone that will listen that roses are her favorite, but Mommy just likes pink carnations. And Daddy listened.

On Friday Ellie and I met Kim and Madison at the bowling alley on post for lunch and the girls bowled a coupe of games. E is much better than she used to be. They have these hilarious pink 4 pound balls that she can lob down the lane. It's quite a sight.

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Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Cute pics! And Happy Anniversary!!