Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Real News

Just wanted to check in for the week. Ellie had a great week at school. Her teachers always tell me that she is a great listener and she can usually tell me at least one thing that she's done each day. The biggest milestone this week is that she actually played with other kids on the playground. Before she would tell me that she just played by herself and I've seen her just follow the teacher around when I've picked her up early. At least twice this week she told me she played "princesses" with some of the other girls and today she even gave me some names! She also says she does not play with the boys because they are always in trouble. And only the girls got to pick from the treasure box because they were good. I'm sure it's not all the boys, but I just think it's funny that she lumps them all together. Each day they have done some kind of activity or worksheet to practice letters and numbers and she is very proud of all of her work.

On Wednesdays we've started going to the park in the mornings since she doesn't have school and this week Barbara and Abby met us there. I took one picture and Barbara sent me some good ones of Ellie that she took. Check out her "hair raising" experience on the slide.

We are very excited that tomorrow is "Fabulous Friday" for the Mom's Day Out program. We are going to a local farm to see the animals, have a hayride and pony rides and eat hot dogs. It should be fun and I will take the camera and try to be better about getting some cute shots.

Ellie is very excited and impatient about the baby coming. She knows time is getting close and yesterday asked me, "Is it going to take forever for that baby to come out of your belly?" And just a minute ago (as she was climbing into the crib to play with her dolls) she said she was so excited that we are having a baby girl and that "it won't be long now". She's right. Only twenty more days! That is if she doesn't take half a week to join us like Ellie did.

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Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Cute pictures! That one of E in the pink tunnel slide is AWESOME!!! You should enter it in a summer fun contest!