Monday, August 4, 2008

Card Reader!!!!

I'm back. I finally got my lazy self to Wally World and found a card reader. Who knew the quick fix was there all along for only $8.88? Now I can upload my pictures again and share them with all the world. Well, at least with the 6-8 people who actually read this. I will be adding some posts soon with many crafty things I have made and many silly outfits Ellie has come up with since last week. Check back soon.
PS. She starts PreSchool next week and I am a nervous wreck.



yea for the card reader!!!!!!! and i hope you never doubted wally world as the place to get, well, EVERYTHING! i mean, why else are we drawn to it like bugs to a bug light? the place is freaking magical! ;-) anyhoo... tomorrow i've got court in the a.m. and nothing afterwards...wanna do a lunch or something in the afternoon - swim at my place or aunt carol's, park, etc. let me know! toodles, barbara

Rimona said...

Great work.