Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Santa wuz here!

So far we are having a great Christmas. Until tomorrow anyway....

Yesterday E and I sprinkled reindeer food and baked cookies to get ready for the big guy's arrival.

I think she was pleasantly surprised with her Santa gifts. They are all opened and in various stages of play all over the living and dining room. She got an ironing board and iron, PIXOS, Hungry Hippos Game, an Ariel dry erase board, Cranium Hullabaloo, a talking map puzzle, two movies, a Dora bat and ball set and some other little stuff. Right now she is playing with AM's seahorse toy that lights up and makes music. She is holding it and "waltzing" amid the wrapping paper and toys.

I got a new fancy camera which I LOVE. The photos from this morning are taken with it. Hopefully it will inspire me to take lots of pictures again. I've been slacking.

Brandon got a scope, some reloading stuff, flashlights and a new radio for his car. In addition to my awesome camera, I got 2 movies (ANCHORMAN!!! and Dan in Real Life) an extra battery for the camera, and a case for it too. Some of those are my bday presents because B has to leave for an investigation tomorrow. We just found that out yesterday, but I'm not dwelling on it today. I'll write more about that tomorrow after he leaves and we are blue :( And we're hitting the road.

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