Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Family Bonding (and lots of parentheses)

We've been spending lots of time with la familia this week. And there's more to come before this trip is over.

Sunday we had a delicious and very southern dinner (ham, red rice, butter beans, broccoli salad and brown and serve rolls oh, and of course macaroni and cheese) (YUM!!) at my mom's cousin Sharon's house. Her son Austin is my godson and Ellie's favorite older cousin. He is a great kid, super soccer star and aspiring drummer. Here's Ellie hanging out with him.

Monday night we celebrated my brother Ward's 27th (what??!!) birthday. We had quiche and salad and I made a layered taco dip in honor of cinco de mayo. And Ward's Samm made the best guacamole I've had in a long time (besides Melissa's).

Check out our redneck candle. We couldn't find the bday ones so we had to improvise.

The kiddos (and a few taller helpers) played with Ellie's parachute after dinner.
Then there was some (totally normal and not at all redneck) brotherly head shaving in the back yard. That's Ward with the clippers and Tyler is the brave (stupid) one in the chair.
Yesterday Ellie went to gymnastics and dance class and then slept for 3 hours in the afternoon. It was a great day for me.

Today we met the contractor at my mom's house to get some estimates for the work she wants to have done. Then I (finally) went to the eye doctor. We had lunch at my Grandma and Papa's house (fried chicken and pork chops and okra soup). Ward entertained us with some tunes after we ate. If only music cancelled out calories.


The Smith Boys said...

Great post. I'm glad you're having fun - and that you liked my guacamole!


hey - what's okra soup?