Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bath tubs, Boats and Blueberries

AM has given up the baby tub. She is all about splashing and trying to drink the water. She's only fallen on her face once. It didn't even faze her....just kept on playing.

We went out in the boat for about 5 seconds on Monday. Seriously. It took us longer to get ready and packed to go. It was really hot and the water in the tiny lake on post was like a bathtub. The girls had fun except AM does not enjoy her life jacket. It's as big as she is and she was tired on the way back to the car.

Ellie had a great time. She enjoyed cheetos, fishing, digging and LOVED going fast. Unfortunately, the boat is not all the way fixed like we thought so it had to go back to the shop. Last week we went blueberry picking here in town. It was fun and the berries were delicious. I ate a bunch while picking them and then we made blueberry pancakes and a yummy dessert called Blueberry Buckle. It has cake on the bottom and a yummy cinnamon crumbly topping.

Blueberry Buckle

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House of Holt said...

Have to comment about "sharpen penciler"...Aiden calls measuring tapes "measure tapers". It's so cute it makes me want to eat him up. I love the Ellie-isms.