Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun in the Sun

We went to the beach again yesterday. I slathered the girls in "sunscream" and sprayed myself well. All except for my shins and feet. I have a serious case of lobster leg-itis right now. We are going back tomorrow and I will do a better job. Here are some cute shots of the girls in their matching suits and hats.

Goofy big sister

Crashed out afte rplaying so hard in the little water

Relaxing with the other mermaids

Lunchables Rule!!! and cheetos of course

Yo, yo, yo, was up dog?


Beach Baby- she loves the water. Even tried to "swim" a few times...

Official pose of Sullivan's Island.

So sweet

And here's some of E helping Uncle Tyler water the flowers around the playhouse he set up for her

and the other flowers too

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House of Holt said...

Haha! "Sunscream" - that's what Aiden calls it too!