Monday, March 23, 2009

Catching up and Chattanooga

We are back in AL after a mostly fun week in TN. We got to rest a lot and hang out with the fam. AM had her first ear infection, Brandon got bronchitis and I'm sick now. Here's some pics from before we left and then from the trip.

Just hanging around....thanks Martins!

Ward and the band stopped by again on their way to New Orleans Enjoying some cereal and fruit

Playing some tunes

Stealing PeePaw's chair

GranJan even got to visit

4-wheelin with Daddy

Snuggling with MeeMaw

Creative Discovery Museum

Fishing with Daddy and PeePaw

She was so mad b/c the dogs kept chasing the line and they couldn't really fish.

Picking flowers with PeePaw

When she's ready to go, there's no changing her mind

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