Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in Lower AL

Well, it wasn't much, but more than I expected. I honestly didn't think it was cold enough to snow. Our outdoor thermometer read 41 degrees. Maybe it needs an adjustment. Anyway, E and I ran around in it (she ran- I took pictures) for about 5 minutes until she was too cold. I guess we need to invest in real snowsuits before next year. Lucy didn't know what to think. She ran outside and then spazzed a little and came back in. She is really getting nutty in her old age. AM was asleep through all the excitement.

Trying to catch snowflakes.
I just love this one with her hands in the pockets.

I finally got her to look at me and smile at the same time.

Catching flakes on her tongue.


House of Holt said...

Awww, Lucy in her "old age"! Our doggies really are getting up in the years. And we definitely don't take pictures of them like before we had kiddos!


I love love love the catching snowflakes on her tongue one - too cute!

Jessica said...

You call 41 degrees cold....come to wisconsin again and you will know cold. it is so good to see the girls grow up even if I can't be there...keep the pictures coming