Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's a Zoo Around Here

Most of the time it just feels like a zoo...with all the roaring and poop smells, but yesterday we really did go to the zoo.

E's school had Fabulous Friday at the Montgomery Zoo. It was really fun. The weather held out until we were ready to go home and the girls were (mostly) good. There was a mini meltdown over some pretzels, but once we got some lunch in us, all was well.

Checking the map
Flamingo Impersonation

Taking a break

Mermaid on a rock

Holding AM after lunch

Train Ride- so enthusiastic

Train Ride 2

Train Ride 3

Happy Baby on the way home

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I love love love the "taking a break" picture....but the best part was like 5 seconds later when she got oh-so smushed - ha ha ha ha! (Just kidding with you....) I actually just sent you some other pics of E and AM I had on my camera. We had a great time at the time I say a playgroup trip is in order - we MAKE them go, ha ha!