Monday, February 2, 2009

A weekend in Review

We had a lovely weekend here at the HofP. (It's like IHOP with out the I or the pancakes)

Anyway, Friday we had a great time at playgroup at a new friend's house and were all worn out from all the playing. Once Brandon got home, the girls were pretty cranky. We went to bed early after telling Ellie to get back in her bed a hundred and forty seven times.

Saturday I made bacon, eggs and biscuits, we hung around here all day playing princesses....

Thankfully Brandon was here to be the Prince. Usually I have to be the Prince. Occasionally I get to be the stepmother.

And as you can see, even AM gets in on the action. (Whether she wants to, or not.)
The original Princess Bride.

... ....and then I went out for Ladies Night. WooHoo!!! It was really nice. I met my friends at LaBamba, my favorite Mexican place in town and we monopolized the big table for 3 hours. No one even had anything to drink. We were just glad to talk to ONLY grown-ups. Of course we mostly talked about pregnancy, child-birth and children. (delightful dinner conversation for those around us- especially the teenagers in the booth closest to us that were on a double date-heeheehee) The best part was that when I got home, both girls were in bed.
Sunday I made a big breakfast again- AM helped, as usual.
and then we went to the park in the afternoon. I got some great shots of E and AM. I am still so in HEART with my camera. See below.

This one is my favorite pic of the week.

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OMG - The pic of AM smiling looks JUST like B!!!!! I've noticed it a bit before but she seriously looks just like him! ;-)