Friday, February 13, 2009


Ann Marie is reaching them one by one! This week she has really started babbling a lot and also blowing raspberries which is the funniest thing. She started rolling over from back to front as well. That is supposed to be the harder of the two ways, but she has not been on her belly enough to learn the other way. I know, it's my fault, but she hates being on her belly. So that also make the back to front rolling funny, because as soon as you put her down, she rolls over and then as soon as she's over, she gets mad because she's on her stomach. It's hilarious and annoying. Here are videos of all three new tricks!

So exciting!


Anonymous said...

I cannot get enough of her!So adorable!
Kim B


Oh my. Abby loves the 2nd video - the one with the blowing. She cackles at it - literally! Too funny! And AM is such a roly poly! Adorable!