Saturday, January 31, 2009

3 Months and 2 Sisters

So, I am a little late with the 3 months pics- like 20 days or so. I would've never waited that long with Ellie's. For most of the time I was out of town so I couldn't take it in the red chair. And for the rest of the time I was too busy/lazy to remember to do it. So there you go- AM should be glad there are pictures of her at all. Every time I think I am getting the hang of having 2, something else throws a kink in the routine.....and.....I am slightly nuts.

Shout out to Ilene for the cute outfit. It was Jillian's and Ellie wore it too. And to my loyal reader Mema Ro- thanks for reading and sorry for the infrequent updates.

Yesterday they were so cute in there matching blue outfits that I had to take a picture. Thanks again Granny for the early Valentines.

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