Friday, January 30, 2009

DWTS/ WDPT Weekend

That's Dancing with the Stars and Watching Davis Play Tennis- both great performances
The girls traveled wonderfully on Friday and we met up with Mom and Granny at Davis's house.
Saturday and Sunday we went to Davis's tennis matches and watched his teams win. On Sat he even got a trophy. Ellie was pretty mad that she didn't get one too.
Sunday was a smaller neighborhood match, but there was a playground so E liked it better.

The funniest thing that happened all weekend was during the match on Saturday. While the game was very exciting, nothing holds the attention of a 3 year old for long. We got an extra ball and Granny, Ellie and I started playing "Monkey in the Middle". Granny was the monkey and I advised her not to catch the ball when E threw it as she does not enjoy being the monkey (or losing at any game for that matter). She was very tired- I was trying to keep the atmosphere pleasant. Anyway, Granny missed several times on purpose because E was throwing and then she caught one that I threw so I became the monkey. So Ellie began to throw it to Granny, I missed mostly on purpose and then Granny missed a couple of balls again. To which Ellie said, "It's ok Granny, it's hard to catch balls when you're so old like that." I thought I would pee my pants from laughing so hard. The best part was, Granny didn't hear it and I had to repeat it because she wanted to know what was so funny. Of course I also had to repeat it for Mom and Lori, then for Davis when he finished and then for Tyler when he came that night. Hilarious!

But on to the real reason for the visit. For Granny's Christmas and my birthday, Mom bought us tickets to Dancing With the Stars- the Tour. And of course she had to be forced to get herself a ticket too. They watched the show together on Mon and Tues nights this season and we would compare notes over the phone. If I was in town any of the nights it was on, I watched it with them too. It was awesome. Of course, because I am a big nerd, I followed the directions and did not take my new super zoom camera in. I was afraid I'd have to take it back to the car and miss part of the show. And of course, every other person in the arena had theirs with them. I tried using the camera on my phone, but all I got was a blurry bright spot. So I took pics of the program when we got back to the house.

The only celebs there were Lance Bass (awesome), Marli Matlin, Maurice Green and Toni Braxton. She didn't dance at all, but she did sing 2 songs and she is from the area so her whole family was there. Oh- Cody Linley, the kid from Hannah Montana was there too as a special guest appearance. All the pros that were there were so amazing.
Here is Maks, the heart-throb. He is the choreographer for the live show. And didn't wear a shirt that closed the whole way at any point in the show. Not that I'm complaining.

And here's Derek, or as I like to call him- Granny's boyfriend. She is in love with him. I am going to make her a shirt for her birthday that says "I HEART Derek". He is really good.

While we were at the show, Davis, Tyler and Nicole kept the girls. They were well behaved and had a great time. Thanks again guys. And thanks again Mom for the ticket. It was wonderful. And thanks again Granny for the t-shirt.

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