Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm way behind again....

Big surprise.

We got back from TN and then left 4 days later for Disney. In between there was an egg hunt and then another one today. It's been busy. I still have 2 small bags to unpack, but the laundry is all caught up. And I found E some white shoes to wear with her Easter dress. Thankfully AM doesn't need shoes yet.

Our trip was great. I will try to sum it up in pictures. Be forewarned- this is long....

On the way to Disney, we took a side trip to visit Ilene and Andrew and family. Well, they are not on the way, but it was so great to see them and we didn't have nearly enough time to spend catching up. We also didn't take many pictures there- too busy enjoying the company.

We played in the pool.

The girls (sort of) had a sleepover.

And AM started sitting up.

Sunday night we got to the resort- it was awesome. We spent some time chillin' in the room and ate dinner on the property.

Monday we went to the Magic Kingdom....

Everywhere we went there was a bus right outside our building to take us there.

"the castle, Mommy, the castle!!!"

Right after we got there, the parade came down Main St. It was awesome. All the characters were in it and Ariel stopped right in front of us and waved right at Ellie. I thought she would pass out. Other than the parades, it was difficult to find the characters and next to impossible to actually get near them. we did get to see Tigger and Pooh though and that was fun. The lines were long for everything, but worth it. AM looked like this a lot. E loved it all- well except for the Snow White ride. She is never, not ever again going on that ride. Or into the Tiki Room. The tiki gods scared her. She loved Dumbo and Alladin's magic carpet ride. And Small World. Luckily my mom was there to ride with her. I'm not sure who had more fun.

And Mickey's Toon Town was a great place to run around.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse was also a hit. No line to wait in.

Tuesday we went to Epcot. It was REALLY cold. and windy.
I love all the countries (especially the food (and Drinks)).
Giant apple-sized strawberries with hot fudge in Italy.
I think this beer was in Italy too, but the German one was better.
Prosecco in Italy
There is a fairy garden called Pixie Hollow after the the TinkerBell movie with replicas of the fairies made out of flowers and also with little fairy houses made from acorns, etc... There was a playground area too that was not crowded at all.

Just past Pixie Hollow is Minnie's Butterfly Garden. Real butterflies that will land on you and also beautiful topiaries like this one and one of Minnie where her dress is red and white carnations. Loved it!

Side note- the birds of Disney are not afraid of anything. They will fly/walk/soar right by your head and if you are eating outside (which we did most of the time)- LOOK OUT. They love french fries.

And the Seas were awesome.The Nemo ride was fun and the wait wasn't too bad. I also liked the one in the giant ball.

Wednesday we went to Disney Hollywood Studios. We had breakfast with 2 of the Little Einsteins and JoJo and Goliath from JoJo's Circus. It was really fun and one of th ebest meals we had the whole time.
Ellie and Leo
Ellie and June
Ellie, AM and JoJo
Goliath LOVED Ann Marie and did not want to give her back. It was funny. She was not scared at all.

I love this one b/c it looks like the dinosaur is about to get them.

Tyler and Ellie with Giant PlayDough in Honey I Shrunk the Kids.
Nicole, me, AM and Ellie in Honey I Shrunk the KidsBlock Party Bash Parade- awesome. One of my favorite things we saw. The Toy Story Mania ride was my #1 favorite.

Posing at the hotel before we left on Thursday.

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We LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics! Abby can't believe Ellie met Jo Jo and Goliath. She is a huge fan of Feelin' Good with Jo Jo! She's screaming about it right now as I'm typing. Looks like you guys had a blast. Jealous!