Thursday, April 16, 2009


Better late than never, right?

We started the Easter festivities a couple weeks ago at the playgroup egg hunt. Thanks Wades!

Ellie really got into finding the eggs this year. In fact, we had to have many, many practice hunts at our house before and after Easter Sunday.

These next two are ones Alex took. Hers are always so awesome. Thanks Alex!

Then on Saturday we went to the hunt across the HWY at the park. Ellie got a lot of eggs, but she was mad because they were all just thrown on the ground. None were actually hidden in her age division. I should've taken her down to the 4-5 year old section, but I was afraid she'd be more disappointed if she didn't get a lot of eggs. She still had fun. She was also mad because half of her eggs had starlight mints in them. She hates those. And who gives those out for an egg hunt? I mean, really?

E's basket and goodies
AM and her lootThis bunny poops jellybeans! heehee
What, that's it?

She looks a little skeptical about this egg.

Pink Ladies ready for church

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