Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hiccups and Hilarity

Ellie has been on a roll this week...

Exhibit A

Ellie: "Mommy, I have the hiccups. Try to scare them away."

Me: "Ok."

Ellie: "I'm waiting."

Me: "Well, I can't do it when you're expecting it. I'll do it in a minute."

(approximately 1.5 seconds later)

Ellie: "ok.....I'm not expecting it."

(hilarious laughter from me, causes baby to crack up which make me laugh harder which make E laugh harder, thus making the hiccups worse.)

Exhibit B

I tossed her a washcloth in the tub after becoming slightly irritated with her and she told me, "Mommy, that is not Messesary!"

Exhibit C

I explained to her that the Pinocchio movie from NetFlix was a Blu-Ray disc and would not work in her little DVD player. She didn't seem to mind and chose another one. Later she wanted to watch Elmo and asked me if it was a boo-ray movie too.

one more...
One day this week she was so excited for Brandon to get home so she could tell him something funny or exciting (I can't even remember what the news was) but she just knew he was going to pee in his pants when he heard it.

and side note to Mom and Grandma- I do have some pictures to put up and I am going to work on them next :)

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The Smith Boys said...

Just last night, the boys were playing Mario and they said something about one of the characters laughing so hard he was going to pee his pants. I heard this from upstairs and yelled down, "Both of you get upstairs and go pee now." It was a good reminder for me to remind them!