Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Today I finally remembered to get some tiny rubber bands to try and force a girly hairdo on Ellie. It worked!
They are so lightweight that she doesn't even realize they are there.

She left them in all day through gymnastics and the trip to the Dr. (for me, not her).

They didn't make it through jumping around the house playing with a ball of yarn though.

Her hair is kind of permanently pig-tailed until we wash it tonight.

Our day was even busier than usual today. First, I got my hair trimmed- I think it was a bad one. My hair is so straight that you can see every mistake, but it's in a ponytail right now because I am choosing to ignore it and hope it goes away. Then we went to gymnastics. Lots of kids and Ellie LOVES it. See "Ellie Says" at the top. After gym we went on to Ft Rucker to sign in to TriCare and register at the hospital. I have been putting that off too because usually it's a pain. But the pain in my jaw was worse. For a couple of days now, my jaw has been sore on the right side when I bite down. Last night I hardly slept because I couldn't find a comfy way to sleep. Sounds dumb- but you try to sleep without closing your jaw. Can't be done. Especially when that's all you can think about. Anyway- the doc thinks it's something in the joint. DUH! I could've told him that. He gave me 800mg motrin and some other stong stuff for night time. WooHoo. and I had X-rays. That was wierd. I've never had an xray before besides at the dentist. I had to lay down to get pics of my jaw. You should've seen me. Luckily only the poor Xray tech had to witness it. I won't know anything until I go back in a week and then it will probably just get referred to an oral surgeon. We'll see. Fun!

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