Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yesterday we had a really good time on the boat at a lake here on Ft. Rucker. However, Ellie is totally naked in all the pics from yesterday so I will not put them on the web. Today we went to Vortex Spring, FL where Brandon used to go as a kid. It was fun. It's a natural cold water spring and it was FREEZING. There were a lot of people there diving and also just swimming. There is a big swing that goes out over the water, several platforms to dive off of, a diving board and 2 slides. We finally got in up to our thighs after being there for several hours. Poor Ellie was frozen since she has no natural insulation. I got some pretty cute pictures of her though. She was most impressed with the orange bands that we had to wear. She called it her special bracelet. Only she pronounces it in 3 syllables "brace-a-let".

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Dear Ms. Katie, Hi there! This is little Abby from Jazzercise (Barbara's daughter). Mommy remembered you saying this morning that you had a blog so we had to go check it out...and we think it's GREAT! Sounds like Ellie had a ton of fun at the lake and cold water spring. Mommy wants to know exactly where Vortex Springs is so maybe we can go one day! We'll see you next Monday in class! Love, Abby Lee Wade