Thursday, April 3, 2008

Going Postal

Just needed to pass along another link to Sol Driven Train this week. I must be a little homesick or something. The new cd comes out this weekend and it was reviewed in the Charleston City Paper yesterday. In the picture that accompanies the article, all the band members are wearing my dad's mailman shirts. And the fact that the writer compared the album to Paul Simon's Graceland is crazy. I remember listening to it in the kitchen where I grew up and the song that I watched/heard Ward play to him on his last day at hospice was from that album. It's on heavy rotation on my Ipod and sometimes I can get all the way through it. I've heard some of the songs from the album already and I know the rest will be great too. After Saturday it will be available on and for download on itunes.

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Lisa Lou Hoo said...

Just stopping in for my morning stalk! It was fun seeing you last night!