Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sort of Busy Weekend

This weekend has been pretty busy for us. Well, Friday and today anyway...

Friday we had playgroup at Lake Thollocco on post. It was really fun. The weather cooperated ad I even got a little red on my shoulders. I put sunscreen on, but missed a few spots. We ate our picnic lunch when we got there,

then walked over to the water. The kiddos splashed, and dug in the sand a little. But the water was really chilly and the wind was blowing the sand around like crazy.

After the beach, we moved on to the playground which was really fun. E liked the "squirrelly" slide the best.

Friday night I joined my jazzing friends and a few others for "Margarita Night" at Melissa's. (It was just "Coke Zero and then water with lime night" for me.) To see the pics, go to the Smith Boys .

Yesterday, Ellie and I did nothing. The weather was really yucky so we just stayed inside and relaxed. It was a nice day.

But today was really fun. We went to Dothan to see a ballet performance of The Little Mermaid. We are big Ariel fans around here. In fact, as soon as we got home, E asked to watch the movie. The show was great with adults and kids of all ages included. We were on the 4th row! Here is E with Ariel before the show

and then showing how excited she was for it to start.

And then afterwards she wanted to take a picture with the treasure chest.

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