Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2 Cute Kiddos

Cutie #1. I couldn't resist posting this picture. I think it looks like a Sports Illustrated, Jr. pose or something. She cracks me out!

And #2.

I am not referring to myself. I am referring to the one that must be a giant since my belly is so big already. Just thought those of you scattered far and wide might like to see it. 21 weeks and couting. And tomorrow we'll know whether to drape it in pink or blue. I'll be sure to post it as soon as we get home. And please excuse the smiley face. I was taking the picture myself and telling Ellie to stay out of the picture- because she was butt naked. So you can imagine the lovely expression on my face. It was not attractive.


The Smith Boys said...

You three are so cute! When do we get to see a picture of Brandon? Maybe even with a smiley over his face. hehe...good luck tomorrow!


Ditto what Melissa said about tomorrow! Call us and let us know! I still think it's a boy after all the kicking during the Sex in the City spicy scenes - ha! ;-)