Saturday, June 21, 2008

Playing Catch-up

It's been a busy and FUN week here at the House of Payne.

I will try to be brief. (ha!)

Sunday we spent the morning in the "woods" with Brandon for Father's Day. We actually went to the archery range on post and walked around with him while he shot at all the targets. It is pretty much in the woods and we were the only ones there so it was nice and peaceful. Ellie really loves to be outside, especially with Daddy.

Monday was just a regular day. We jazzercised and then hung out at home.

Tuesday all three of us took a scenic drive to Ft. Benning for a retirement ceremony. One of the guys from Brandon's troop in Iraq was retiring. We got to GA early so we could ride around and see our old house and visit our favorite places- Shooter's Gun Shop and Chef Lee's Chinese restaurant. Both were the same as always. Being the smarties that we are, we forgot about the time difference from AL to GA and missed the actual ceremony completely. We got there just in time for the long congratulations/shake everyone in town's hand line. I don't think anyone knew that we weren't there the whole time. It worked out great because E didn't have to sit still through the ceremony. I was looking forward to it because the building was cool and we were HOT. We took the Volvo and the A/C decided to freeze up on us. That was unpleasant. But E slept most of the way there and back so that was good. That's the last nap she took this week. I am afraid they are gone forever.

Wed-Fri Ellie and I had a "Girls' Getaway" with Barbara and Abby. It was awesome. Barbara's parents have a condo in Sandestin, FL and we were lucky enough to stay there with them for a couple of days. We enjoyed the sun, sand and seafood. I took a few pictures, bur Barbara-the-picture-taking-machine took lots more. Check out Abby's Blog for the full story and all the pics. The beach really threw me off. I am only used the ones in SC so the Gulf's water and sand was so different. It was the first time I'd ever been. But it was beautiful and Sandestin and was incredible.

Today E and I went to the Children's Festival in the Park which was right across the street from our neighborhood. There was a lot to do, but it was so hot we didn't stay as long as E would have liked. She did a few of the activities, but some were too big for her.


The Smith Boys said...

Great blackmail photo of Major Payne in overalls!!!


I TOTALLY agree with Melissa!!! Ha! And you'll love some of the beach pics of Ellie - what a beach babe! ;-) We're home from church and I'm surfing (a.k.a. stalking) websites until I get bored - ha. Abbers is asleep and E's still sick...and here comes the thunderstorm. Lovely. B

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