Saturday, June 14, 2008

Babies R Us, here we come!

Yay! Dothan got a Babies R Us this week. Well, it's a Toys R Us and Babies R Us in one building. Ellie and I went to the grand opening yesterday to take it all in. They had characters walking around and free cake and all kinds of fun things to do. She was all excited about seeing the characters since we'd been talking about it for a week. But as soon as she saw them all larger than life, she was scared. After a while of walking past them and waving she finally wanted take pictures with them. The store is really nice and neat and I am excited to have one so close. In LA we had to go all the way to Houston to get to one. It was pretty crowded yesterday and I'm sure it will be through the weekend. We'll definitely go back soon though. There are a few baby things that have gotten popular in the last 3 years that I want to get. Here are some shots of E with the characters.

Weird alligator/dragon guy. Not sure who he's supposed to be.
The ever popular Strawberry Shortcake dressed as a princess.
And of course Geoffrey the Giraffe.

There was also a CareBear, Diego, a Ninja Turtle and Darth Vader (who most kids were terrified of). They were no where to be in the few minutes between when E decided she wasn't scared anymore and I was too tired to walk around anymore.



We loved it today! But I'm wondering if the Alligator and Darth Vader were too scary because they were not in attendance today! ;-) However, the radio station (WOOF FM) had their wolf and he was a bit scary to some of the kiddos. And what the heck - CAKE?!?!?!?! All we got were balloons, bags and finger printing! ;-) Did you register? I think you should! Especially for those of us that are going to get you something and have NO IDEA what you may want this time around - hint hint! ;-) And by the way, anytime you want to go back - hitch a ride with us if you'd like..I'm addicted to those kind of stores and could just walk around trying things out. Especially the part with the recliners. I'm considering getting a toddler bedroom comforter/sheet set/etc I saw there today but want a 2nd opinion - and not Eric's. Hee hee. Toodles.

The Smith Boys said...

Is the first character Baby Bop from Barney? I'm ashamed to admit that I even know who that is. Haha!

And DO register...there isn't much to get for a woman who is having her second girl so we need ideas! Otherwise, you'll end up having a "Diaper Party". Trust me on this one!