Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy (Really) Belated Birthday

So we finally had Ellie's party with her friends today. Only a month and a half late. No problem. She enjoyed it just as much as she would have last month. We had a Little Mermaid theme and played outside in the pool and Slip N Slide for a little while. It was pretty hot and the kids wanted to come in pretty quickly. Thanks to everyone who came and shared the day with us.
Ellie has already been playing with all her new stuff. She even made Brandon play the Ladybug Game (she won!) and we did both of her puzzles. Right now she is back to playing with her Pet Shop. She keeps walking around making us kiss the little animals. We also have PlayDough on the agenda for tonight and 3D Sidewalk Chalk once it dries up outside. I may even let her draw something. heehee
**PS- anyone who got better pics than I did, please email them to me. I didn't get very many.

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it was a FUN party! i got some pics that i'll download and send to you tomorrow. abby loved the cake - she's not really a cake fan so i was shocked. 'course, since it was a strawberry cake i should have figured! ;-)