Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ann Marie: Days 4-8

Here's some new pics of the girls. We've had a great week with my mom and have even ventured out in public a few times. I am not quite up to full speed yet, but I'm getting there. Ellie is still happy about being a big sister and wants to love all over Ann Marie all the time. We took her to the Dr. today for a 1 week check up and she is doing great. Eating like a champ and on her way back to birthweight. We go back again next week to check again. We have more company coming this weekend and next week to visit and help out. It's always a party in the House of Payne!

Pink Lady (Thanks for the Magic Quilt Miss Mary Ann)

Pajama Party Sisters Sleeping Angel (she's gotten much better at the whole sleeping thing)

Big sister making sure the bouncy seat was working right
She will actually sleep anywhere now- bouncy seat, car seat, someone's arms, pack-n-play, and the big crib.
First "bath" at home- she did not enjoy it.
Good morning time in the bed with Gran Jan

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The Smith Boys said...

Ann Marie looks like a doll in Ellie's arms! So sweet! She is beautiful!