Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 3

So, I haven't been very good about taking pictures. At least not as good as when E was first born. I will try to do better. Here are some of the ones I have gotten.

Ellie took this one this morning. Please ignore the dirty diaper and my leg sticking out of the picture. It almost looks like she's smiling.

Snuggling on the floor yesterday after school.

Sleeping in the big crib. She napped in there for hours yesterday. I wasted it on Facebook. (Melissa- notice her shirt.)

Snuggling in the big bed. You can see here that they have EXACTLY the same nose.

I think she looks like a rapper in this one. Yo Yo Yo!! Hilarious!

Trying to fill Daddy's shoes.

Granny came to visit last week and we had a great time. Here she is with her "great" hat ladies.

Ellie is still pretty infatuated with Ann Marie. She never gets tired of her and has not shown signs of being jealous or anything. Yet.



OMG - I love love love the rapper one! That's hysterical!

The Smith Boys said...

What a cutie! Ellie looks so happy to have her. And thanks for the shout out :-)