Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

2 Cute Halloween Bugs

Ellie had a great time Friday night. She's been talking about it (and eating candy) ever since. A lot of the LAME houses in our neighborhood were dark and deserted. The only upside to that is that E did not get a huge amount of candy. The bad part is, we did not have a huge amount of kids visit our house so we have a lot of candy left over. Luckily I only bought stuff I don't like. But, E thinks because we still have candy left, that there will be more trick-or-treating. You can't explain waiting a whole year to a 3 year old.
Brandon did most of the house to house walking. I stayed by the street because.....
this is how Ann Marie trick-or-treated. We took the carrier, but she wanted nothing to do with it that night. Checking out her loot.
She sorted it out right away. Anything she didn't like went into the big bowl for our trick-or-treaters. Anything chocolate went in my belly! Thank goodness she didn't get much. Everyone knows I have no self-control.

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