Monday, July 14, 2008

A "Special" Weekend

So we are back again. How many posts have I started that way? This time I am here to stay for quite a while. I am so tired. All the trips have been great and seeing family and friends is wonderful. But I swear for each mile we traveled, my belly grew another inch. Just carrying it around is exhausting. And I there's still 3 months to go. Yikes.

As of last Wednesday, the 9th, I was 26 weeks along. However, according to the doc, I was measuring at 29 weeks. That's the first time I've ever measured differently than where I actually was in the pregnancy. And 3 weeks is quite a difference. Next week we will get another ultrasound to check and see why the measurement is off. I hope it's just extra fluid and not a super giant baby. I'll keep you posted. And I"ll have a good belly pic soon. My SIL's mom took a cute side profile one.

Back to the weekend. We had a great time with Brandon's family. His brother graduated from the Special Forces Qualification Course at Ft Bragg, NC.
It was a long trip, but worth it to see him graduate. We are so proud of him. And he and his wife are moving to Germany this summer so I knew we might not see them again for a while. And we got to hang out with them and some more family members a lot. We even took a family photo with 4 generations. I'll have that to post soon too. Here's E playing with PeePaw and MeeMaw. Not sure who had more fun.

The best parts of the trip for Ellie were the pool at the hotel and a special surprise.....Guess who was performing in the same building as the graduation.....The Backyardigans! E has been watching the promo commercial for their live show for weeks and making wishes with her glittery fairy dust to go see them. I looked all over the Internet to see where they were playing. I was going to drive a couple hours in any direction to take her. I only looked for places close to here so Fayetteville never caught my eye. So anyway, as soon as I saw that they were going to be there, I got on the phone. I ordered tickets for the show on Sat morning. It was really fun to watch her and a surprisingly good performance. They involved the kids in the audience which was great because trying to keep hundreds of 1-5 year-olds quiet would have been impossible. Photos of the show were not allowed, but here she is waiting for the show to start with her giant popcorn and souvenir.

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