Friday, November 2, 2007

Hiding from the Library Police

Today we didn't really have anything planned and I sort of needed to go on post anyway, so we went to storytime at the library. I haven't gone in a while because one of the books Brandon had checked out got water-damaged (meaning he had it with him hunting and it rained) and I turned it in one day without mentioning anything to the desk. We actually had it for a really long time and I forgot that it was messed up. Anyway, they called a million times and even sent Brandon a memo at work saying that we need to come by the library and "discuss" the damaged book. Me, being a big fat chicken, didn't want to do it. Well, perhaps the only other person on EARTH worse about stuff like that than me, is Brandon. So I finally bit the bullet and went back to the library today. I was sure it was going to cost a fortune, but luckily it was a really old book about hunting in Africa or something (so no one else will EVER check it out anyway) and it only costs $13.95. However, because it's me they are dealing with and they can't take a check, they still don't have their money. Because I never have cash on me. I had $6 and Brandon had $5 (he was hiding in the kiddie section with Ellie while I talked to the lady). But alas, it was a library, not a flea market and they wouldn't come down on the price. But don't worry, I will go back and pay.

The good part is that we did go to storytime and they read 2 good books and Ellie made a cute craft. See below.....

She actually listens to the story now- and no one tried to steal her circle this time. I dare them to try. She had a death grip on it.

Doing the craft. This kid loves a good glue stick. It's all about doing it herself....

And here is the craft. It's a turkey (in case all the wierd shapes glued all around made it hard to tell). I did discover that she knows another shape. She pulled one out and said, "Look Mommy, it's an octagon." And she was right.

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Oh my goodness...Mommy and I just caught up on your blog and we think you and E have been super busy these last couple of days! Mommy said she almost fell out to see that one of your posts has over 110 comments on it!!!! We don't even know 110 people! Ha! Anyhoo....Daddy and Mommy are taking me to the Enterprise High School football game tonight. Tomorrow we are going to an arts and crafts fair in a town about 12 miles south of Montgomery. Then tomorrow afternoon is our church's Fall Festival - starting at 3 pm. If you and E are bored, come play there with us...Mommy's going to give the devotion at 3 pm and then go sit in the dunking booth! Her youth (and their parents) can't WAIT to get her wet! Ha ha! (I think Daddy wants in on that action too!) OK...gotta go get dressed!

Love, Abby