Friday, November 16, 2007

Turkeys in the Library and Santa at Wal-Mart

Today we went to Storytime at the library. Ellie really enjoys it. She likes the stories, but she really goes for the craft. Glue sticks are like crack for her. They make her insane. I am not allowed to touch the glue at any point. Today she made a really cute turkey that I will be sure to add to the Fall decorations and label with her name and the year. Just like Mom. And the crack-stick wouldn't even hold the pieces together. I had to go behind her and tape everything on the back.

We also got to check out some books today because I was finally a grown up and paid for the book Brandon ruined. We read a couple while we waited.

After the library, we made another trip to Wal-Mart. I went to get FireLogs because it's mighty cold here and we are going to try out the fireplace. I was supposed to get marshmallows too, but I forgot them. Somehow I found a whole bunch of other stuff to buy though. Not a single Christmas present or grocery in the cart. When we were out in the garden section, which is Christmas-Town-a-Go-Go right now, getting the firelogs, for some reason I got Ellie out of the cart. The reason escapes me right now, but I'm sure it was a good one. Anyway, ever since we went to the Botanical Gardens and took pictures with all the scarecrows, Ellie thinks that any inanimate representation of a person more than a foot tall is there for her to stand by and take a picture with. So I had to take a picture of her with the weird plastic lawn Santa. I had to hurry because I know Wal-Mart doesn't like you taking pictures in their store. (The reason I know this is a whole other story- maybe another time.) The other day in BigLots she stood by a giant nutcracker and yelled "Where's the camera?" It was hilarious. I didn't have it with me that day, or you would've seen that picture too. I guess maybe it means I take too many pictures of her. Hopefully she'll be this happy if we get to take a picture with a live Santa. Somehow I doubt it.


The Smith Boys said...

LOL. She's so cute! I want to hear the story about Wal-Mart not letting you take pictures. Ed and I are dorks and we're always sending each other pics from our phones when we see something we want to buy. I'll miss you guys next week! Happy Turkey Day and have a great trip!


we totally want to hear the no pictures in wally world too! give the story!!!!!!