Saturday, November 3, 2007

Peanut Festival

"Approximately half of the peanuts grown in the United States are grown within a 100-mile radius of Dothan, Alabama. The National Peanut Festival (NPF) -- the nation's largest peanut festival -- is held each fall in to honor peanut growers and to celebrate the harvest season. "
-NPF website

Hail to the peanut!!!

So last weekend it was a festival for a bug and this weekend for a nut. I have to say this weekend's was much better. It is "national" after all. It was really just like the fair that is held everywhere else I've ever lived. But we had fun. Ellie rode some rides (with me) and we ate all kinds of good stuff- 2 hotdogs for E, a corndog and boiled peanuts for me and pulled pork for Brandon. And we shared some onion rings. There were lots of animals, but you couldn't take the stroller into the livestock buildings so we didn't go in. We were home by 7. I wanted to stay for the fireworks, because I thought they were at dark, but they weren't until 9 and none of us had that much excitement left. Here are the pics of us riding...

Yet another Merry-go-Round. But unlike the others, I was a little scared. If I had let go of Ellie, she would've been flung all the way back to Enterprise. Those horsies were hauling...

On our way up the steps to the big pink slide. There are a LOT of steps. That should've made me think.At the top of the pink slide. You can't really see us that well, but we are in the middle.

At the bottom of the slide. You can't see it too well, but if you look really hard you can see my hair flying up behind me. It was super fast. Especially the last hump. I made the same noise that Mom made on Space Mountain. Sort of a cross between a giggle and a scream. I was so worried about not letting go of Ellie that I almost slid over the little kid next to me at the bottom. I was A LOT heavier than him. If he hadn't cheated, we would've won.

Riding the flying elephants. I thought she would be terrified, but she really liked it. I may have someone to ride with after all!! Brandon won't ride anything.

All in all, it was a fun day. If anyone wants to come visit, the festival lasts all week!

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The Smith Boys said...

Looks like fun! Maybe Nolen will have to play hooky from school one day so I can take the kids down there.