Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday in the Park

Ellie and I ( and her weird side ponytail) spent some warm afternoon time at the park yesterday. Since it's nice and close, we just walked. Here she is all decked out in the stroller.
She is really getting so big that it's much more fun for both of us. She can get on and off of most of the equipment by herself and enjoys all of it (except the tunnel slide- that's a no-go).

The rock wall ladder, however, she really likes.

And she's mastered the slippery metal one that kills when you hit your shin.

Most of the time she'll go down the slide by herself too. Unless it looks really high. She can be a chicken sometimes.

This is the window where we play store. I have to pretend to give her money and she makes me food. Do you think we have eaten fast food too much, or what? I couldn't get a good pic of this because the camera batteries were dying.

And here she is driving the JEEP.

Once we were finished playing, we walked down and fed the geese and ducks Cheez-Its (which they LOVED). Ellie walked all the way down the big hill to the pond and then all the way to the big road we have to cross to go home. And for some reason, she had to stop and hug every light post on the way down. Silly girl! But I do think this is a really cute picture.

At the bottom of the hill is this sign and Ellie HAD to walk on the short wall like a balance beam.

After all that playing and walking, she took a great nap yesterday and was almost as tired as I was at bedtime.


Amy said...

Hey There! I am making my way up and down the looong list of people of joined my Fall Y'All giveaway and I noticed you asked my about lady bug hairclips...I haven't made any but I have thought of it. Rightnow I am workign on mostly holiday ones, but if I ever get around to a ladybug you will be the first to know!
BTW- what a cutie that Ellie is!!! Loved the Ariel little one is discoveriing all things Disney rightnow and Ariel and Cinderella are high on the "pretending to be" list rightnow!

The Smith Boys said...

She's a light-pole hugger instead of a tree-hugger. Does that make her an electritionist instead of an environmentalist?? Cute pics. We need to take the kids to the park together some day after Jazzer...speaking of...Gotta run. I'm probably gonna be later today! :-)