Saturday, November 17, 2007

How do you spell Leiderhosen?

I ask because I think I should get her some. Check this out and try not to pee your pants.

Today we went to the Ft Rucker Holiday Bazaar (Craft Fair) I didn't get much. One gift for Ellie that I managed to hide from her and one cute outfit for her. Sorry everyone else in the world, you get nothing from me today :) There was some cute stuff and some not too great. Ellie had a great time playing with Baby Abby. All she talked about for the rest of the day was how she played peek-a-boo with her. There would be some pictures, but the batteries died again. I've got to get a different kind! Brandon was hunting since today was the first day of gun season and he got a deer! Then this afternoon we all rode to Dothan to take his new bike to get put together and checked out. We also went to the new Barnes and Noble and of course Dick's Sporting Goods. We ate lunch/dinner at O'Charley's at 4:00. Major Early Bird Special. We are old.

To everyone in SC- Ellie and I will see you this week! I'll update from there.


Anonymous said...

Baby Abby misses you guys! Ha ha! Hope you made it safely to SC...enjoy the wedding and the holiday! Toodles, Barbara and Abby

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh ...i love the yodeling !!! she is so sweet... we really missed you all at Thanksgiving. Tell Ellie, Kimbob and Glenbob love and miss her. Give her big kisses and hugs, hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!