Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Preparations

This week has been busy and it's not over yet!

Tuesday we had playgroup at our house. Conrad, Savanna and baby Abby came over. It was SO much fun. Ellie is really good about sharing her stuff. She never complained once. We had gingerbread cookies that Ellie and I made together and other yummy snacks. (Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms are delish! I bought them by mistake, but it was a good one.) And each of the kids made a gingerbread house craft. It was a great morning!

Yesterday was gymnastics which Ellie LOVES! But the best part of the day was when we finished our Christmas shopping. As in D-O-N-E. And all the out of town ones are mailed off as of today. Well, everyone is out of town for us, but the ones going to people besides TN and SC are on the way. And the Christmas cards are on the way too with a super cute pic of Ellie the elf.

Watching the "Abominable Snow Monster" part of Rudolph.

Tonight was the Christmas Tree Lighting on Ft Rucker. We met Brandon after work and walked down. It was fun. Ellie liked the singing and the lights on the tree. And Santa even made an appearance. We didn't wait in the huge line to see him though. Here are some pics of us there and when we got home.

Ellie next to SGT Ted E. Bear in his Santa suit. It's hard to see her, but she's the little speck at the bottom of the picture.

Daddy's Girl waiting for the tree to be lit. (The sweater was mine circa 1979/1980. Just proves some things never go out of style)

At home pretending to hang her stocking.

In her Christmas nightie (Thanks Gran Jan!!) enjoying some ice cream and "sprinklers" after dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Which Ellie called "Bunny Tuesday" because there is a cartoon she loves that has a bunny named Ruby.

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