Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays

Hi everyone. We've had a great Christmas and as usual, we've been really busy. The day before we were scheduled to leave, we changed plans and decided to go to SC first and make sure Bee was doing ok. We got to visit with him and Grandma and Papa a bunch and celebrated Christmas Eve with the usual crowd. Ellie had tons of Uncle Time and it was great. Santa visited us there and was very generous. I will post pics of Ellie with all her cool stuff when we get home. After Santa's visit, we came to TN where Santa has also been very nice to us. We've been able to see everyone we love and that's really the best part of it for me. Yesterday Ellie and I went with MeeMaw to Target and took advantage of the 50% off sales. I still managed to do some damage. I think we are going to take her to the Aquarium this afternoon. There is a penguin exhibit right now and I think she will love it. Time to go sort through some presents. Thanks to everyone for everything. We miss those of you in SC and AL and FL and CO and WI and hope you had a great Christmas. Happy Birthday to Becca yesterday and Papa today and Tyler (and me!!) on Saturday and Austin on Monday!!!!! Hope to see you all again soon. I'll be in my 30s the next time I see you:)

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Glad to hear you guys are having a nice holiday. I swear last Fri was the funniest thing on Hwy 231. Eric was getting ready to ride on someone's tail and I was telling him to back off. Then I looked at the car and said something like "Katie drives a truck like that." Then I started looking some more and screamed "Wait, that IS Katie!" Eric though I was nuts. But the even funnier part was that when we were passing you, Abby was sleeping so I was trying to "talk" to your car but I was whispering. And then I was knocking on the window like you could have heard that too! Goofy! I was trying to get Brandon to make sure you saw me b/c I knew he didn't know me and he'd think I was just a fruit loop passing by! Funny! We headed to Gadsden...Abby was sick with RSV but the big thing was her teething. Yuck. She didn't like it at all. But one of her front teeth broke through on C'mas Eve. Poor kid. Screamed for about 3 hours straight. Now she's back to her happy self....I'm not looking forward to the next one coming in! OK..I'm off. I got a new digital camera for C'mas from Eric. It's an updated version of my older one but I haven't gotten the hang of downloading pics yet. Hence, I haven't updated the blog for a couple of days! Ha ha! TTYL....and happy early birthday!!!!!!!! Toodles, Barbara