Sunday, December 16, 2007

Family Time

Yesterday we had some (mostly) quality family time. Brandon joined a range that is really family friendly. It's one price for a year long membership and you can shoot, picnic and even camp out. Brandon needed to sight in some rifles for hunting and Ellie and I didn't want to stay home. The weather was nice- not too hot, not too cold. I packed us a picnic and we were off. While Brandon was shooting, Ellie and I went "splorin". We found mushrooms, berries, rocks, and the outdoor potty. We also found a really giant hole that was obviously the doorway to something's home. I quickly encouraged Ellie to go get Daddy and ask him what lived there. I was relieved when he said it was probably a turtle hole. Apparently they have ginormous turtles on the property. I hope he's right and that we get to see one next time. If it wasn't a turtle hole, I hope we NEVER see what lives there. While on our adventure, Ellie took her signature extreme closeups of the scenery and I took pics of her (shock!) Good times were had by all.

Helping Brandon set up.
Not loving the hearing protection (or headphones as she calls them).
We found berries- don't worry, she knows not to put them in her mouth.

And lots of mushrooms. The orange ones were cool and there was even a pink one. She also knows not to eat these.

This one was not as pretty, but Ellie had to give each one a shot at fame. And the toe of my shoe apparently.

Playing on the giant rock pile.

Slipped into black and white mode again by accident. I still don't know why or how.

And then it went back to color- this is at the picnic table and my hint that picture time is over.

After eating we went over to the pistol range so I could shoot some, but Ellie was getting tired and it was getting rainy so we left. We'll go back again soon, though.

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Lisa, Lisa Lou, Lisa Pizza- said...

So glad she know not to eat the shrooms!!! :)
Merry Christmas!