Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wood Nymph

We went to the woods with Brandon to walk around this morning. Ellie had a great time. She does not get the whole "quiet in the woods" thing though. She blurts out everything she sees and hears. Really loudly. And I made the mistake of showing her a deer track and praising her when she found on e on her own, because then she had to announce EVERY one she saw. And there were a LOT of tracks. Apparently it's a really go place to hunt. There is a little creek off of the road that we were on and Ellie had a great time throwing leaves and sticks into it. Here are some pics of her playing. I took them with my phone so they are a little blurry. I forgot to take the camera with us.

At first she was all about walking like a big girl. She even had to wear a hat like we had on.

Then she was busy playing and throwing stuff in the creek. It was really cute. There were a couple little waterfall places where the water was really moving and she liked watching the leaves float downstream.

After that I carried her for a long time on my back and in my arms, but it was killing me. So once we got back to the road she let Brandon carry her. The hill we had to go back up was so huge, I would've never made it. She was so tired, she was falling asleep on Brandon's shoulders. She really did walk a long way.

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